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Packing for a cruise with a non-traditional camera bag.

This is an alternate system that I have come up with that makes it perhaps a bit easier to pack your camera gear, and is nondescript as you are using a general purpose backpack rather than a photo backpack. This allows you to transport your photo gear without advertising that you have expensive camera gear. It is not intended to be used as a photo backpack, but rather a method of transporting your camera gear. Even then, you can grab your camera in just a few moments if needed.

Non Photo Backpack Overview

High Sierra Powerglide

Style: Rolling Backpack
Model: Powerglide
Size: 9 x 14 x 21 inches
Laptop size: 15.6" screen
Actual laptop size: up to 17"
Material: nylon
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Multi-Crosshatch
Manufactured: China
Street Price: $75



This is an attractive alternative that I have found that works quite well. I field-tested this idea on a recent cruise. The basic idea is to pack a standard (non-photo) wheeled backpack with photo pouches or cubes that will protect your camera gear. When you get to your stateroom, you unpack the backpack and with the pouches, you can then assemble the components you may need for the day's activities.


My Packing Video - original bag.


My Packing Video - new bag.


At the risk of being criticized for promotion, I am detailing all of the components that I purchased for this solution. I have provided the source that I used, but by all means use your own retailer as you see fit.

While the above items do not show all of the Tamrac MAS accessories that are available, they are the items shown in my video. One exception is the web belt - if you desire to carry one along. The Tamrac MAS web belt is a bit bulky to pack, so in addition to Tamrac's belt I am showing an alternative belt that will work, and is easier to pack. However, the Tamrac belts are designed to hold the Zoom case in addition to MAS pouches attached directly to the belt. The alternative web belt I show is probably not heavy duty enough to hold anything other than the Zoom case.

The little organizers shown in my video review include a Think Tank Peewee Pixel Pocket Rocket, Cable Management 10, and Cable Management 20 bags. When you purchase one of these little bags, you get three neat little bungie cords for securing your cables. Not a big deal, but a cool way to organize your cables.




High Sierra PowerGlide Rolling Backpack
Tamrac MAS System
Clik Elite Capsules


Summary: In conclusion, this is a nice alternative to the traditional photo bag, and presents perhaps the most flexible option. You can tailor the contents to whatever the situation is, and you can change to a different size backpack as your needs dictate.