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Packing for a cruise with a Tenba Messenger

When we take long cruises, say longer than 7 days, we sometimes pack two 25" rolling suitcases, two convertible backpack/rolling suitcases, and this Tenba Messenger Camera Bag. This is different than the Tenba Messenger bag (without Camera in the name), as the camera bag is a bit larger. The advantage of the Tenba Camera bag is that it is a shoulder strap type, so I can carry it along with my backpack and pulling my rolling suitcase. While this gets a bit heavy, we are not going a great distance; typically from the parking lot to the baggage check-in counter.

Tenba Messenger Bag Overview

Tenba Messenger Camera Bag

Style: Shoulder
Size: 8.5 x 16 x 11.5 inches
Weight Empty: 2.5 lbs
Weight Full (when I'm done): 14 lbs
Material: 1000 Denier, military-grade nylon
Colors: Burnt Orange, OD Green, Black
Cat. Numbers: 638-344 (Burnt Orange)
Manufactured: China
Street Price: $130


When fully loaded with my gear, the Tenba Messenger bag is a bit on the heavy side - about 14lbs. There seems to be a dichotomy with camera bags. They are either too small, or if they are large enough for all your gear, they are too heavy. For this reason I use this bag as a "transport" bag to the ship. Once aboard and in our stateroom, the bag usually stays there for the week. When I take photos, I just grab the gear out of the bag I think I might need for the walk-abouts around the ship.

When we go ashore for an excursion, I have to take a small day bag as the Tenba is just a bit too large for day use.

My Packing Video


The little organizers shown in my video review include a Think Tank Peewee Pixel Pocket Rocket, Cable Management 10, and Cable Management 20 bags. When you purchase one of these little bags, you get three neat little bungie cords for securing your cables. Not a big deal, but a cool way to organize your cables.