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Photographic Alchemy

This website chronicles my adventures in photography - with emphasis on Vacation and Travel Photography, whether it be on a Cruise ship, that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or just a daytime outing with your family.

So what is so special about this kind of photography?

Nothing really... I just emphasize how you can take a minimalist equipment approach to vacation and travel photography - even when that includes taking gear such as a DSLR or other high quality camera. This may mean taking fewer lenses, lightweight alternatives to lugging around a studio tripod, doing more with less, and efficiently packing your gear.

In other words, I emphasize the suitability of transporting lightweight equipment as much as using that equipment. If you spend all of your energy lugging 50lbs of photo gear up the side of a mountain, how much energy will you have left to concentrate on taking a good photo?

I also provide tips and techniques that might be of benefit in a travel environment; how to take photos in the hot Caribbean when haze can be a problem... going through the Panama Canal on a cruise ship... getting those perfect shots of a waterfall... and other photogenic situations you may find yourself in. After all, we don't all live in paradise, and most of us only encounter that breath-taking scenery during vacation or travel.

I also include evaluations of the products that I use, and how well they work in the vacation and travel environment.

Although it has been my hobby for 35 years, I still classify myself as an amateur photographer. That means that you don't have to be a professional to take great photos, and great photos preserve your most cherished moments with family and friends.

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