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Home Made HandiGrip

Recently, I was on a cruise on the Radiance of the Seas out of Tampa, Fl. If you have ever went out of Tampa, and especially on the Radiance, you know that the ship just clears the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This obviously is a great photo opportunity. I tried to take movies with my Canon FS20 CamCorder in one hand and a few still photos with my Nikon Point & Shoot camera in the other hand. Consequently neither came out very well as I was having a hard time keeping both cameras on the subject matter.



To fix this problem, I came up with a home-made bracket solution. The bracket consists of the following components:

  • Cheap Dual Flash Mount bracket purchased from eBay (seller: Studio Plus): $10
  • CamGrip small digital camera grip: $8
  • Couple of washers.

The thumbscrews that came with the Dual Flash bracket were ultra cheap, and they were too long, which made the use of a couple of washers a necessity. I think I may change the stainless washers out for nylon washers.

While the CamCorder is normally placed in your right palm so that you can use your thumb to depress the record button, it works fine on the left side, as you can reach the record button with your left thumb. This allows you to use your right hand to get to the shutter for the point & shoot.

Hopefully due to the small size, it won't be looking too dorky.

You can use a full size DSLR in place of the point & shoot, but the thing starts to get a bit heavy. If you use a DSLR, I would be sure to have a neck strap so that you don't drop it by accident.


Grip - Cam Grip
Dual bracket - Studio Plus